Scott Eastwood fascinated by the internet's 'underbelly'

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  • 18 September 2016
Scott Eastwood

Scott Eastwood

Hollywood actor Scott Eastwood has revealed he is fascinated by the "underbelly" of the internet after starring in a new movie about Edward Snowden

Scott Eastwood is fascinated by the "underbelly" of the internet.

The 30-year-old actor stars alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the Oliver Stone-directed drama 'Snowden', which centres on the life of former National Security Agency employee Edward Snowden - who leaked classified documents to the public in 2013 - and Scott has admitted the movie has taught him a lot about cyber security and privacy.

He said: "I learned that there's a lot that goes on in the internet that we don't know about, a lot that goes on in the government that we don't know about and we're only just scratching the surface of it.

"The internet really is in its infancy stages, it's very young, so to start to see the underbelly of it is very interesting."

Meanwhile, Joseph said that the Snowden story is markedly more complex than most people realise.

The 35-year-old actor - who plays the exiled American in the new movie - told the Hollywood Reporter: "This is a really complicated story, which is funny because the first thing you find when you Google 'Edward Snowden' is there's all kinds of opinions about him but they're all kind of simple - everyone's saying words like 'hero' or words like 'traitor.' They're kind of all overly simplistic, and it's not a simple story, it's really complicated, and I really enjoyed getting to dive into that complexity.

"It's not something we often do these days in our culture. I feel like we're often looking at lots of little stories for brief amounts of time rather than diving into one story for a more in-depth period of time, so I found that really fulfilling."

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