Alan Grant, Jamie Grant & Various - Wasted No.1 (4 stars)


(Bad Press)


Devised by sometime 2000AD writer Alan Grant, and the artists at Glasgow’s Hope Street Studios (which includes the All-Star Superman team of Jamie Grant – no relation to Alan – and cover artist Frank Quitely), Wasted is the follow-up to defunct Scots dope humour mag Northern Lightz. At its least inspiring, it’s a fabulous furry hangover to that publication, a very one-track fiesta of ‘doobs and inexplicable nudity’.

Yet there are more good strips than bad in this sizeable first issue, including Alan Grant and Jon Haward’s impudent ‘Tales of the Buddha’, and the more satirical ‘War On Drug$’ by the same writer and Gibson Quarter. Short, part-page strips by Stephen Donnelly, Craig Collins and Paul McCann are also well worth looking out for, while Fraser Campbell, Iain Laurie and Derek Dow’s ‘Black Cape’ is a bleak triumph. That a British adult humour comic which doesn’t want to be Viz exists at all is a great and welcome thing; hopefully Wasted can kick on from here.

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