Various - The Definitive Iron Man (4 stars)

The Definitive Iron Man

(Marvel UK)


With Iron Man proving to be the first genuine blockbuster of the summer season (and a fantastic adaptation of the source material) Marvel UK presents the ultimate introduction to ol’ Shellhead. The collection offers slices of Iron Man action from through the years, with at least one story from each decade since his inception back in 1963.

This veritable ‘best of’ includes the hero’s first ever appearance; a three issue tussle with the Hulk; the classic Tony Stark vs alcoholism entry, Demon in a Bottle; a time travelling Doctor Doom encounter and more. There’s also an intro from Stan ‘The Man’ Lee, schematics of his armour, a written fictional history and back-story on his creation.

The only downside is that it could do with more recent material (a single instalment from 2000 is the most recent issue included) but this is an excellent, exhaustive history of the Golden Avenger.

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