Matt Groening & Various - Big Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson (2 stars)

Bart Simpson

(Titan Books)


The boast that The Simpsons is now the longest running animated TV series of all time is a bit of a double-edged sword. For as it rolls out episode after episode, into the multiplexes and beyond, the permutations for new plot lines become all the more tenuous.

This collection may technically be for kids but it’s scraping the barrel. Bart and Millhouse’s treehouse gets rot, Bart goes to the Comic Con working for Comic Book Guy and Bart wins a trip to a Krusty adventure park. The jokes are tired, the characters are out of sorts or just flat and the narratives are so perfunctory that even the littlest of readers will struggle to stay interested. The Simpsons comics were once able to stand proudly next to their TV counterparts but now they pale in comparison.

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