Stephanie Pratt: Joey Essex is everything I don't want in a man

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 15 September 2016
Stephanie Pratt

Stephanie Pratt

Stephanie Pratt has said she only sees her having a relationship with Joey Essex if they are friends for a while first

Stephanie Pratt insists Joey Essex is everything she "doesn't want" in a man.

The 'Made in Chelsea' star shared a kiss with the former 'Only Way Is Essex' cast member on 'Celebs Go Dating', but the only way she can see them ever getting together is if they are "best friends" for a long time first.

She told heat magazine: "He's everything I don't want in a man.

"He's vain, and he's skinnier than me. I can't even understand him. I need a dictionary.

"The only thing I'm really thinking is I can see being a best friend that I fall in love with."

While Stephanie complains she can't understand Joey and hates his use of "ain't" instead of "isn't", he insists her US twang is just as difficult to comprehend.

He said: "I couldn't retrain myself. Steph will have to compromise and I'll have to compromise with her.

"She's American. I can't understand a word she's saying. This is an international thing.

"It's like speaking to someone from Spain. Most of the words she says, I'm like, 'What?' "

And if the pair do get together, neither of them are willing to relocate to where the other lives.

Joey said: "[Would I move?] No way. I chill at home. London is to work and to shop."

And Stephanie said: "I don't even know where Essex is. It feels like hours away. A passport situation."

Stephanie doesn't seem to be too interested in finding out more about Joey.

She said: "I haven't Googled him and I don't follow him on Instagram or Twitter either."

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