Ruth Langsford enjoys doggie time in the bedroom

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  • 14 September 2016
Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford

Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford

Ruth Langsford has to sleep with her pet pooch Maggie when her husband Eamonn Holmes is away because she gets lonely without her spouse

Ruth Langsford sleeps with her pet dog when her husband Eamonn Holmes is away from home because she gets lonely.

The 56-year-old TV presenter misses her spouse - who co-hosts 'This Morning' with her - when he isn't around and so lets her beloved mutt Maggie lie in the sheets with her.

However, she has to fight her teenage son Jack for the right to slumber with the pooch - who is a border collie cross - as he likes her to lay on his pillow with him.

During a chat about where pets should sleep on 'Loose Women' on Wednesday (14.09.16), she shared: "I have to say five years ago before I had my gorgeous, beautiful, wonderful Maggie - who is the best dog in the world - I used to think that people who did all that dog in the bed stuff were a bit crazy, but I am now that person. When we got Maggie I said, 'No going upstairs and definitely no going on the bed.' Now she practically sleeps in the bed with her head on the pillow, mostly with Jack ... When Eamonn is away I do like her on the bed. Me and Jack fight over her, I'm like, 'Come on it's my turn, I never get Maggie!' "

The dog doesn't sleep in the bed when Eamonn, 56, is around and Ruth admits she wouldn't want her in their room all the time and she would be put off from having sex if their canine chum was present.

She said: "She doesn't really sleep with Eamonn and I ... What if you wanted to be intimate with your partner? Those eyes on you, I couldn't do it. What if they started barking encouragement?"

And clean freak Ruth makes sure she cleans her bed out regularly and has a special utensil to get rid of hairs.

She said: "I've got a sticky roller to get rid of her hairs in the bed."

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