Union J record 'Arabic influenced' song

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  • 14 September 2016
Union J

Union J

Union J have experimented on a song with an "Arabic vibe" to it for their third studio LP

Union J have teased a new song which has an "Arabic vibe" to it.

The 'Carry You' hitmakers are currently in the studio working on their new record - the first with new singer Casey Johnson on board - and singer Jaymi Hensley has revealed their new music also has more of an R&B style.

The 26-year-old boyband star also said that he hopes when people hear their new songs they won't know it's them and just think it's really great music.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz at HIV and gay rights activist Philip Christopher Baldwins' annual HIV visibility dinner this year for Positive East, he said: "One of our songs, I don't even know whether I should say this as it's just been brought in this week, has got a really heavy Arabic vibe to it and it's really weird when you say it and people are like 'it shouldn't work'. It's got like, I don't want to go too much into it, but it's got like really heavy Arabic influences on it.

"What we want to do, we want our music to be released and for people to not know it's even us.

So people go, 'I really like that song', and be like, 'Oh it's Union J' and they go, 'wow I wasn't expecting that.'"

The band hope their transition from boyband to R&B will be like Justin Bieber's move in genre.

Jaymi said: "I think all of us have a real love for R&B, and we're not going to jump really deep into R&B because it'll be too different.

But it's a very much kind of like how Bieber kind of transitioned from pop to dance R&B.

But we've still got out big ballads on there as that's what we're known for."

Union J replaced George Shelley with new band mate Casey - formerly of Stereo Kicks - earlier this year and he seems to have settled in well with the other three boys.

Jaymi said: "Casey is the most beautiful young man like he's such a star. Such a lovely humble hard-working boy and we're really lucky to have him come in and bring that new breath of fresh air so we're very lucky."

Their next record will be the follow-up to 2014's 'You've Got It All'.

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