Nick Knowles thinks new show will save lives

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  • 14 September 2016
Nick Knowles

Nick Knowles

Nick Knowles believes his new show 'The Retreat' will save lives because it helped him re-evaluate his health

Nick Knowles thinks his new well-being show will save lives.

The 'DIY SOS' presenter has just landed his own observational documentary 'The Retreat' on BBC Two that will see him check into a vegan and healing sanctuary for 28 days in a bid to improve his mental and physical health.

He said of the project: "This truly has changed my life - I'm less stressed, lighter, fitter, and low in cholesterol like a good spread. I part own two vegan restaurants and still practice yoga ... Watch this series - it could save your life!"

Nick will be joined by his 'DIY SOS' co-stars electrician Billy Byrne and builder Julian Perryman on screen as they attempt to shake up their diet and focus on exercises for the mind.

The Retreat's creator David Barrett said: "The show's concept was to take a team of 9 people, led by Nick Knowles, and follow them as they participate in a 28 day 'complete wellbeing' programme.

"Having done my own retreat and being amazed at the changes to my health and well-being, I thought it would be fascinating and interesting to take a group of individuals who had never considered alternative therapies before and see how they cope in that same environment.

"What unfolded was amazing to watch, with some astounding results that exceeded my expectations."

Meanwhile, it seems Nick's new show came along at the right time as he announced earlier this year that he'd split from his wife Jessica Moor but was adamant they'd remained friends for the sake of their son Eddie, two.

However, since then, Jessica has found out she's battling with cervical cancer and Nick has been by her side ever since to help her get through the illness.

'The Retreat' will air from September 26 until September 30 at 7pm on BBC Two.

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