McFly axe two albums

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 14 September 2016


McFly have axed their last two albums but are planning to return to the studio "soon"

McFly have scrapped their last two albums - but are returning to the studio "soon".

The '5 Colours In Her Hair' hitmakers - who are made up of Tom Fletcher, Harry Judd, Danny Jones and Dougie Poynter - have axed songs written and recorded since their last record, 2010's 'Above the Noise', because they "wouldn't be 100 per cent behind" the tunes.

Tom said: "After a certain amount of time, you feel like that was where you were at, at a moment.

"If we released stuff we recorded three years ago, we wouldn't be 100 per cent behind it any more. We still love the songs but we'd be excited about doing new things."

While they have made plans to record new tunes soon, the singer insists there is "no pressure" on the boy band to put out hits in the near future.

Tom explained: "We've been a band 13 years, there's no pressure for us to release an album every year or it's over. It's just ongoing now.

"Our last album was in 2010, so there's a big gap but there's no pressure, we can do it when we want to."

The star's bandmates are keen for him to write them some more hit songs, so much so they are to put the singer-turned-author on a "book-writing ban" when he has completed his current tomes.

Harry added to The Sun newspaper: "We need to stop him doing these things. Get him back into writing for us again. He's got two more books he needs to finish and then he's on a book-writing ban."

McFly made a triumphant return to the state on Monday night (12.09.16) for the first time in three years when they performed the first show of their 'Anthology Tour' at Manchester Academy, north west England.

But the group joked they shouldn't have bothered turning up because their set was full of errors.

Harry quipped: "I've made at least five mistakes. The first mistake was turning up."