Emmerdale's Tracy Shankley 'kidnapped' by dad on wedding day

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 13 September 2016
Amy Walsh

Amy Walsh

Emmerdale's Tracy Shankley may not make it to her wedding on time after her father Frank kidnaps her

Emmerdale's Tracy Shankley's wedding is thrown into chaos after she's kidnapped by her own father.

The blonde bombshell - portrayed by Amy Walsh - is set to marry the man of her dreams David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) this week, but she may not get her happy ever after as her dad Frank Clayton (Michael Praed) snatches her just before the ceremony, bundles her into his car, and drives to the middle of nowhere.

Speaking to Inside Soap magazine, Amy said: "He doesn't hold a gun to her head or anything, so don't worry. Frank just wants to prove to Tracy that he's good enough for her to have in her life.

"But after he's thrown out of the hen and stag do, they end up having another argument. Frank tells her that he's leaving because Tracy doesn't want him around - and when she says that he just needs to show her that he cares, he drags her into his car and speeds off."

However, Tracy reaches a new level of hate for her dad after she wakes up the next morning to find herself on the back seat of Frank's pink vehicle in the depths of the woods.

But things turn from bad to worse when she realises that the car has a flat battery and they've got no way to get to the church.

She explained: "For quite a long time, all she can see is that he has ruined her wedding day. She's woken up in this car, still in fancy dress from her hen do and she just keeps thinking the clock is ticking. She reckons David will be standing waiting for her, believing she's decided not to marry him after all."

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