TV review: Paranoid – ITV (4 stars)

TV review: Paranoid – ITV

Murder mystery packed with secrets, revelations and unexpected twists

Sometimes it's hard to know exactly what to disclose in a review. The internet has a strange relationship with spoilers, some people love to know everything as soon as the info is available, most prefer to go in blind, for the story to naturally reveal itself. Which is why Paranoid is tricky to discuss as the twists and turns the story throws up (even in this opening episode) are integral to the unfolding mystery. To even give a sense of Paranoid you need to mention at least a few of the intriguing plot developments otherwise it'll sound like another run of the mill detective drama.

A young mum is stabbed to death is a kid's playground by a hooded man. A high profile, brutal, messy murder. The attacker is soon identified as violent schizophrenic Jacob Appley. He turns up dead, an apparent suicide. An open and shut case? Nothing in Paranoid is that simple. This isn't a straightforward murder mystery, there are unseen gears turning in the shadows. As the title suggests the officers working the case have a strange feeling they are being watched; there's a 'ghost detective' mirroring the police's enquires; then the team start receiving weird tips, messages and photos.

The lead detectives work as a cohesive unit but behind the scenes their lives are in disarray. Nina Suresh's (Indira Varma) relationship is crumbling; Bobby Day (Robert Glenister) is suffering from panic attacks and what is Alec Wayfield's (Dina Fetscher) past relationship with Jacob's psychiatrist?

Bill Gallagher's script is tight and perfectly paced. Each question drawing you further into the twisting story. Maybe it'll all collapse under the weight of its own labyrinthine plot but if the point of the first episode of a brand new series is to hook you: job done.

Paranoid premieres 9pm, Thu 22 Sep on ITV.


1. James Grove13 Oct 2016, 9:59pm Report

Al of the characters seem to have mental issues. I find it all rather unbelievable.

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3. Tizzy21 Oct 2016, 12:37pm Report

So bad I keep thinking its a wind up. The script is appalling, the acting from some of the cast like something out of a bad am dram production.

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