Echoes of the City: Edinburgh's Hidden Stories coming to your ears

Echoes of the City: Edinburgh's Hidden Stories coming to your ears

City of Literature Trust and the Bridge Awards bring new geo-specific storytelling to Edinburgh

Edinburgh's a city with a fair few stories to tell, alright. Behind virtually every street, every corner, every cobblestone, there's a yarn waiting to be spun, be it historical, mythical or cultural. Now, 15 writers are helping to bring those stories to life, as part of the Echoes of the City project from the City of Literature Trust and the Bridge Awards.

Writers in the city (or writers who know the city well) are being asked to submit stories or poetry which offer new and interesting angles on some of the most intriguing sites in Edinburgh. The works will then be placed around the city using Podwalk, a site specific podcast player. Background information on the writer, their work and the area it relates to will be made available on the website, so it's not all about what comes to your ears at the specific location (although that does make up a good bit of it).

While the initiative will highlight some interesting aspects of the city, it's also intended to highlight the talents of upcoming writers. To that end, submissions are now open for new writers or early career authors from around the world who have yet to have more than one book or one collection published.

Eleanor Pender at the City of Literature said: 'Echos of the City is a wonderfully innovative project to support, combining the literary landscape of Edinburgh with modern technologies. It will be really exciting to see a mixture of interpretations of our city from residents and visitors.'

The deadline for entries is Sun 16 Oct at midnight.

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