Edinburgh Marathon

Edinburgh Marathon

Running man

This fortnight, The List’s own Murray Robertson will be one of thousands running the Edinburgh Marathon for charity. He showed Kirstin Innes his training diary

‘I’ve run a marathon every year since 2004, mainly just to keep healthy. The first time I crossed the finish line I swore I was never, ever, ever going to do that to myself again, but after about a week I forgot all the pain and decided to make it an annual event. This year, any sponsorship money I make is going to Alzheimers Scotland. I run to raise money for a charity every other year, mainly so that my friends don’t get bored of me bothering them for cash, and I try to change charities every time, too.

7 January
‘Christmas is over. I’ve taken a look at my waistline and I’m not happy. Too many nights out in December, plus the usual yuletide malingering, have left me bloated and out of shape. The Marathon feels a long way away, but so too does my last stint of meaningful exercise. I’ve drawn up a light eight-week plan to improve my fitness before I embark on the proper, intensive, 12-week programme. My first couple of runs demonstrate just how bad things have become; even breezy sprints feel like vein-bursting slogs.

19 March
‘I’m now into my proper training schedule and I’m having trouble motivating myself. I didn’t expect great weather this time of year, which is good, because it’s turned Biblical outside. There are few things less appealing than venturing out onto cold wet streets, so it’s just as well I’ve sorted out membership at a comfy gym where I’m likely to continue most of my training.

28 April
‘Feeling guilty. I’ve just abused my system and lost a whole weekend in celebration of my birthday. Even though it’s been just three days (a perfectly appropriate period of time), the accumulation of booze has left me lethargic and lumpy. I resolve to return to my plan forthwith and, by god, run like I’ve never run before! After a half-hour jog I feel worse and go home.

17 May
‘There are now less than two weeks to the big day and I’m actually feeling pretty confident. I’m spending most of my weekend runs along the coast and on Sunday I ran my longest training distance, which is a half-marathon, in a little under two hours (in fact exactly a minute under two hours). Despite all this, my scales insist I’ve lost grams rather than kilos, so I’m going to assume that the weight has shifted around rather than dropped off. Yeah, that’s definitely what’s happened. Regardless, I feel ready.’

The Edinburgh Marathon leaves Regent Road at 9am on Sat 25 May. If you’d like to support Murray, visit www.justgiving.com/muzza

Edinburgh Marathon Festival

Scotland’s largest running festival of its kind. There are seven races to choose from over two days including the marathon, half marathon, team relay, 10k, 5k and junior races.

Potterrow, Edinburgh

Sat 25 May 2019

Times to be confirmed / prices vary / 0131 650 4673

Sun 26 May 2019

Times to be confirmed / prices vary / 0131 650 4673


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