Interview: Kerry Godliman – 'Whether I'm happy where I live is the 64 million dollar question'

Interview: Kerry Godliman – 'Whether I'm happy where I live is the 64 million dollar question'

Comedian and actress tackles life-changing decisions as she heads on tour with Stick or Twist

Like a breath of fresh post-summer air, witty and intelligent comedian and actress Kerry Godliman is heading on tour with Stick or Twist. The show zeroes in on asking why people take certain decisions and make particular choices in life. Especially when it comes to that potentially life-transforming (or ruining) moment when they start to think about moving house, city or country.

'It was prompted by whether I should move out of London with my family,' recalls the stand-up and actress best known for playing the ultra-caring care worker Hannah in Derek. 'But it opens up beyond that to why people live where they live: some people choose it, others are forced to stay where they are or forced to move. Whether I'm happy where I live is the 64 million dollar question.'

As Godliman acknowledges, this is an age where we are constantly being encouraged to consider alternatives to everything, but nowhere is this more prevalent than in decisions behind where we permanently lay our hats and put down our roots. 'Generations ago, people were born somewhere and lived there and died there. Whereas now, people go on Rightmove on a daily basis to find out what they can get for their house. It seems as though we are 24-hour consumers considering alternative lifestyles all the time.'

While she began work on her show around this central theme, it wandered into some familiar areas of concern for her. 'It was originally about considering moving and then questioning why and how where you live influences all other parts of your life such as your friendships and parenting choices. It seemed to open out into things that I've covered before. When you do a few shows, you do notice that you revisit things. Parenting is an ongoing subject, and as your kids grow up, your material also changes.'

Òran Mór, Glasgow, Sat 15 Oct; The Stand, Edinburgh, Wed 26 Oct

Kerry Godliman

The stand-up and actress muses on (mis)communication in a modern age.

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