James Nesbitt wants another Cold Feet series

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  • 8 September 2016
James Nesbitt

James Nesbitt

James Nesbitt has revealed he would love for ITV to commission another series of 'Cold Feet' after it returned earlier this week following a 13-year hiatus

James Nesbitt wants another series of 'Cold Feet'.

The popular television series made a triumphant return to ITV earlier this week after a 13-year hiatus and the show's star is keen to see another series commissioned.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I think we were all very anxious, secretly. It went very well. Another series would be great. The funny thing about being in 'Cold Feet' originally was that I couldn't really enjoy it, because I was in it. But when I watched it this week I loved watching the other characters. It was good."

Meanwhile, the show's writer Mike Bullen previously revealed he asked Helen Baxendale - who played the late Rachel Bradley in the show - to return to her role but she declined.

Mike explained: "I'm quite sentimental. I wanted to find a way of doing 'Cold Feet' with the original six ... I sent that script to Helen to say, 'Do you want to do it?' She was very sweet about the script but she said, no, it wasn't for her.

"I'm pleased she did because it was the right decision both for her and the show. I was clinging to something that we needed to let go of. But Rachel was such a key part of the show and to all those characters."

And James - who plays her on-screen husband Adam Williams - would have liked Helen to return too.

He added: "I think that was the right decision for Helen to make. I've missed her terribly. She was such an important part of 'Cold Feet' and my professional life. I loved my time working with her. But it would have been stretching it a bit too far to bring her back. Adam talks about Rachel a lot in this series and there's a little tribute to her as well. So her presence is felt throughout."

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