Dame Barbara Windsor was sick after EastEnders exit

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  • 6 September 2016
Dame Barbara Windsor

Dame Barbara Windsor

Dame Barbara Windsor has admitted she kept vomiting after she left 'EastEnders'

Dame Barbara Windsor was violently "sick" after she filmed her dramatic death scenes in 'EastEnders' earlier this year.

The 79-year-old actress bowed out of the long-running soap as the beloved matriarch Peggy Mitchell - a role she portrayed on and off for 22 years - for good in May but, although it was her idea for her alter ego to be killed off, she spent a "little while" afterwards battling with an upset stomach.

Speaking on 'Good Morning Britain' on Tuesday (06.09.16), she said: "Everything was wonderful, and I came home and that's when I got not ill, but I suppose deep down it [Peggy] had [something to do with it] - rushing to the loo all the time, being sick. It's over now but it affected me when I finished it."

The legendary star couldn't bring herself to watch her final scenes with her husband Scott Mitchell when it hit television screens two months ago because she was still "grieving."

She explained: "Thank God I had my lovely husband because you're not used to seeing me like that ... I didn't feel too well for a little while afterwards but now I'm back

"Me and Scott [husband] never watched it, we couldn't watch it, no. It would have been weird if I'd done it and then been like 'oh that's that, now onto the next one'. I didn't - I really grieved for her [Peggy] and I think that's right."

Meanwhile, Barbara - who was honoured with a special award for her outstanding contribution to television at the TV Choice Awards in London on Monday (05.09.16) - is set to get her own biopic next year titled 'Babs'.

She said of the gig: "I'm so excited. I go tomorrow to a few of the auditions - yeah I'm really excited actually because it's going to be through my ages, there's going to be five [of me] not one. It's very important they get the little feet, dear, and the little hands."

And she's even planning to make a cameo in the film.

She said: "Yes there will be one cameo. I don't think it'll be like Cilla [Black's] [biopic], because it will be about what made me tick and how my father played a big part in my life."

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