Profile: Ross Noble

Ross Noble

credit: Andy Hollingsworth

The popular stand-up talks about his Brain Dump tour and veering into the world of movies

There are very few comedians in the world like Ross Noble. While he is a more prominent voice on radio and face on TV now, he built up a vast fanbase mainly on the back of relentless gigging and touring from the moment he arrived on our stages in the late 90s. And perhaps more uniquely for a popular global comic, he pretty much makes it all up on the spot. Risk could well be his middle name. 'The "risk" is all relative,' he insists. 'It's like driving a car; after 25 years you don't get in a car and go, "what if this goes wrong?" If you hit a few bumps in the road you just think, "oh, this is fun, let's bounce around for a bit!"'

His rather aptly titled new touring show, Brain Dump, was born after a skip through an online search of critical reaction to his work. 'I got it from a customer review on Amazon for one of my DVDs. They wrote, "this is just like a massive brain dump", and I thought, "oh yeah, that's exactly what my stuff is! I'll have that".'

As well as doing his freewheeling improv stand-up thing, Noble has veered into the world of genre movies, having debuted as a killer clown in Stitches. 'I've just filmed another horror, and that's a straight horror film; there are no laughs in it. It's definitely easier for a stand-up to do straight acting than an actor to do comedy. It sounds mad because I was playing a killer clown, but in Stitches, I wanted to play it as truthfully as possible. I didn't want people to go, "oh, that's just Noble dressed as a clown".'

Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Fri 30 Sep; Theatre Royal, Glasgow, Fri 4 Nov.

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