Toby Jones prefers writing scripts to producing films

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  • 4 September 2016
Toby Jones

Toby Jones

Toby Jones has revealed he prefers to write scripts than produce films

Toby Jones prefers to write scripts than produce films.

The 49-year-old British actor stars in Luke Scott's directorial debut 'Morgan' - a striking World War Two drama based on real-life events.

In an interview with, Toby said: "I'm currently co-writing a script, one for TV and one film. Though whether those things see the light of day is another matter entirely. But for me it's more writing I suppose than producing."

He continued: "I think that sometimes one has a similar role when you're working on a low-budget film, and you get interested in the script. I did a film this year called Kaleidoscope that my brother directed, and you're trying to help a very low budget film get made to the best standard it can be, and you hope that your presence in it will help attract other people."

When he's finished shooting and the film is released on the big screen, 'Anthropoid' actor Toby admits he can sit back, relax and enjoy it like he's never seen it before.

He said: "My memory is the worst. As soon as I finish a job it's literally wiped from my mind. I don't know why it is but increasingly I just forget everything I've done and I can watch it and go, God - that happens! Even films I've been the lead part in, I have no idea what's coming next. It must be a practical thing where I delete it as soon as I've done it."

Speaking about working with 'Morgan' co-star Paul Giamatti, Toby said they got on "like a house on fire".

And in praise of his acting skills, he added: "Paul, like me, has a very long past on stage and you can see that in the skill in which he does it, it's a sustained piece of dialogue, and yes he's using different angles but you still have to do the whole thing as one piece as well."

'Morgan' is released in cinemas on September 2 and 'Anthropoid' is released on September 9.

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