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  • 3 September 2016
John Legend

John Legend

John Legend's new song 'Start' tries to capture the the "awkward" beginning of a relationship

John Legend has revealed the inspiration behind his new song 'Start'.

The 37-year-old singer/songwriter penned the track for the movie 'Southside With You', which tells the story of the fateful first date between President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Robinson Obama and John says he tried to capture the "awkward" beginning of a relationship in the song.

He told Rolling Stone: "When I wrote that song, it was all about trying to capture the tone of the film at that point ... the intimacy and closeness of it.

"The first part of a relationship can be awkward for some, but I always enjoy that sense of possibility. Obviously, there are reasons to be guarded when you first start dating somebody, but you won't really fall in love unless you open yourself up to the possibility."

And John recently revealed that his three-month-old daughter Luna, with wife Chrissy Teigen, has inspired his songwriting.

He said: "You will see in here the influence on the next album of me having a kid. I couldn't help but write about her. I was writing songs about her before she was born, just because I was so inspired [about] just the fact that Chrissy got pregnant. So, I think it inspired one of the most beautiful songs in the album, and so hopefully that people will love it.

"The subject matter is you just thinking about what it means to have a child, and when you bring a child into this world - which you know, there are a lot of great things about this world, but there are a lot of, you know, things that concern you about this world too - and you want them to live the best lives that they can live."

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