Exposure: Savage Mansion

Exposure: Savage Mansion

credit: Beth Chalmers

Craig Angus chat about the EP, his music recommendations and writing songs after the death of a pet

It's all potent power pop and dreamy fuzz from Glasgow's Savage Mansion. Comprising Craig Angus and pals – namely Catholic Action's Jamie Dubber and Andrew MacPherson, plus Rapid Tan's Taylor Stewart – the group have an EP on the way in October. We caught up with Angus for a chat about the EP, civic pride and who they rate on the scene these days.

On their upcoming EP

All the songs on Everyone to the Savage Mansion were written in the space of a week – it was quite liberating. I'd recently moved back to my parents house and I was crossing paths with people from my childhood and adolescence, and my cat had just died, so there was a lot going on in my head.

On their creative workings
I write all the songs, I demo them by myself and send them to everyone and then we jam it out. At that point they improve significantly. I'm lucky to have the other guys on board, they're absolutely brilliant musicians and they've all made contributions to the songs that make them what they are.

On their peers
Spinning Coin are excellent – they're doing things on their own terms and reaching people who don't like them just because they've been hyped relentlessly. I'm a big fan of the Yawns and Sean [Armstrong, Yawns vocalist]'s solo stuff too. Lush Purr are excellent too. Anxiety are incredible and one of the best live acts I've seen in a long time.

On Scotland's music scene
There's so many folk making music it's hard to keep up, which is a positive thing. There's a community spirit, y'know? But I listen to music from all over the place and don't let the civic pride take over too much. I notice a lot of the bands are making connections across the UK and Europe and putting on likeminded bands. That kind of networking keeps everyone going.

Everyone to the Savage Mansion is out via Cool Your Jets on Fri 7 Oct.