Stephen Bear kicked Frankie Grande in the balls

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  • 2 September 2016
Stephen Bear

Stephen Bear

Stephen Bear reportedly booted Frankie Grande in the balls in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house - although the scenes didn't make the final cut

Stephen Bear allegedly "kicked" Frankie Grande in the balls in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house last month.

The 'Ex on the Beach' star - who was crowned the winner of the reality TV show last week - thoroughly enjoyed rubbing his housemates up the wrong way inside the famous abode but he seemingly took things a step too far at one point when he reportedly booted the musical theatre star in the manhood.

Renee Graziano - who made the final alongside Bear - said on Fubar Radio's 'Access All Areas': "Listen to me, you do not know what he did. I'm telling you. He kicked Frankie in the balls! And then he said he didn't mean to do it."

And it wasn't just Frankie who was targeted by the 26-year-old hunk as Renee was regularly reduced to tears by the star as he kept bringing up her divorce from Hector Pagan, Jr.

She explained: "He used stuff against me about my divorce. He used things about my divorce against me. He plotted. He planned. He is evil, and he will play at any cost."

But, although she didn't like his vicious actions in the house, the 'Mob Wives' star believes Bear - who cheated on his girlfriend Lillie Lexie Gregg with Chloe Khan in the house - does have a "beautiful" side that he rarely shows to the world.

She said: "There is a side to Bear that is beautiful. Unfortunately, he only lets it out when he's playing the game."

Channel 5 refused to comment on Renee's allegations.

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