Lindsay Lohan no lesbian

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  • 16 May 2008

Lindsay Lohan no lesbian

Lindsay Lohan is just friends with DJ Samantha Ronson, her sister Ali Lohan has insisted.

Rumours have been rife Lindsay and openly gay Samantha are lovers, after they were seen cuddling and sporting love bites in France.

However, Ali has hit out at the speculation, saying: "They're best friends. It's pathetic what people say."

Ali and Lindsay's mother Dina echoed the sentiments, calling Samantha an "amazing girl" and adding: "It's so silly. We actually laugh about it now. It really does hurt but you develop a thick skin. You have to ignore it."

In the joint interview, screened on US TV show 'Extra', Ali and Dina also defended their upcoming reality show 'Living Lohan' -which sees Dina trying to carve out a successful showbiz career for her daughter.

Dina said they were appearing in the series to "set the record straight as to who we are as people".

Ali, 14, added: "My mom is just a regular mom trying to help her kids follow their dreams."

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