Jane Horrocks goes posh for her new role

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  • 1 September 2016
Jane Horrocks

Jane Horrocks voicing Queen Eleanor in Long Live the Royals

Jane Horrocks jumped at the chance to play a queen and put on a posh voice in a new animated series

Jane Horrocks "loved" pretending to be a "posh queen" in the new animated series 'Long Live the Royals'.

The 52-year-old actress is no stranger to adapting her voice for particular roles as she's previously impersonated the likes of Shirley Bassey and Marilyn Monroe in 1998's 'Little Voice' but she has admitted she jumped at the chance to drop her native Lancastrian accent to play the bolshie Queen Eleanor in Carton Network's miniseries.

She told BANG Showbiz: "From a very early age I've been able to impersonate people, and I love doing accents. When I was asked to do 'Long Live the Royals' they wanted me to do a posh voice - a queen's voice. That's always a delight to me, to do something other than my own accent."

And, although she finds Queen Eleanor "quite scary", the 'Absolutely Fabulous' star believes she shares some similar character traits with her.

Jane said: "She's quite a scary Queen. Possibly a little bit unpredictable as well. The Queen has an insecurity as well in that she snores very, very loudly like a warthog.

"I don't think I have many similarities with Queen Eleanor, although I sometimes can be quite fierce with my family."

The original USA show ran in 2015 on Cartoon Network, and it consisted of four episodes, each of which followed a member of a fictional British Royal Family, and Jane believes it will appeal to all ages.

She said of the animated show: "I wanted to be involved in 'Long Live the Royals' because it's a very, very funny script. The animation is fantastic, the characters are beautifully drawn. I think as a show it will appeal both to children and adults in equal measure.

"A lot of cartoons, in my opinion tend to be a bit the same, and that's why I really like 'Long Live the Royals' because it feels very different, and kind of fresh."

'Long Live the Royals' will hit screens on September 6 at 6pm on Cartoon Network.

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