Preview: Magipup Festival

Preview: Magipup Festival

Festival celebrates the link between magic and puppetry

There's something almost magical about puppetry – the way, within seconds, we stop seeing the handler and build a meaningful relationship with what is essentially an inanimate object. So what happens when you fuse puppetry and actual magic? A special kind of alchemy worthy of its own festival, thinks the Scottish Mask and Puppet Centre.

'The Magipup Festival was created five years ago to highlight the ancient and popular link between magic and puppetry,' explains the centre's executive director, Malcolm Knight. 'The name is a fusion of the words magic and puppets, and came out of a desire to work in partnership with puppeteers and magicians, and with anyone who uses both magic and puppets in their acts. We also wanted to programme popular and accessible shows that would combine surprise and entertainment with mystery and fun.'

This year's Magipup features a wide-ranging mix of shows and workshops, including magic, puppetry and music performed in a caravan by the Great Ta-Da, family show The Magic Circus, a traditional Japanese folk tale and ancient European legend.

'All our shows are generally suitable for age three and upwards, and we look for material that will appeal to people of all ages,' says Knight. 'We aim to create a quality child-friendly experience in an artform that is a root, and not simply a branch, of the theatre. And in previous years the Magipup Festival has sold out early and the public response has been consistently solid and enthusiastic.'

Scottish Mask and Puppet Centre, Glasgow, Sat 15-Sat 22 Oct.

Magipup Festival

Eight days of magic and puppet shows and workshops.