Jennifer Metcalfe wants to play Mercedes McQueen for 10 years

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  • 1 September 2016
Jennifer Metcalfe as Mercedes McQueen

Jennifer Metcalfe as Mercedes McQueen

Jennifer Metcalfe - who plays Mercedes McQueen in Hollyoaks - has said she wants to continue playing her feisty and troublesome alter-ego for at least another decade

Jennifer Metcalfe wants to play Mercedes McQueen in 'Hollyoaks' for at least another 10 years.

The 33-year-old actress has revealed she's inked a contract with the E4 show to play her alter-ego until the end of next year. However, she would love nothing more to continue portraying the feisty brunette as she loves playing a character who always gets into "trouble".

She said: "[Mecy's] done everything and anything, every time they throw a storyline at me I think she can't do anything else!

"They keep coming up with really original stuff that I still 10 years later enjoy playing.

"I thought the prison storyline was fantastic and I do enjoy playing Mercedes at her best and any prison storyline is going to make it me made up.

"I love it when she's getting into trouble, I'm always like 'more please', I love it when she's floating around the village causing chaos.

"In April it was my decade, I'm pushing ten and half years but it seems like two. I'd love to stay another 10 years. I've signed until the end of next year so I'm here until the foreseeable."

Meanwhile, Jennifer says she feels "shocked" with the current situation Mercedes [Jennifer] finds herself in after being kidnapped and jailed for a drugs-related crime, and she doesn't know if she will marry her on-screen fiancee Joe Roscoe [Aiden Callahan] because Joanne Cardsley [Rachel Leskovac] has been flirting with him while she's been in prison.

She told The Sun: "[I'm] shocked that Mercedes has got locked up. There is a bit of will she or won't she get back with Joe as she's really killed the trust that they have. There's a will she or won't she make it down the aisle."

Meanwhile, on what she thinks the future holds for Mercedes - who she has played since 2006 - she said she feels like her life will spiral out of control if she continues as she is.

She said: "Oh my god, in a gutter if she carries on the way she's going. I'd be interested to see her progression, how she gets older and sees how she matures.

"I like her cos she's not one dimensional there are so many sides to her, I love playing her and I will miss her."

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