Colin Farrell's pyjama visit

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  • 16 May 2008

Colin Farrell's pyjama visit

Colin Farrell once turned up to Ewan McGregor's house wearing his pyjamas.

The Hollywood hellraiser - who stars in the upcoming Woody Allen film 'Cassandra's Dream' with Ewan - drove a big Bronco truck while dressed in his nightwear to Ewan's Los Angeles family home.

The 'Star Wars' actor said: "He came round one Sunday in his great big Bronco truck wearing his pyjamas. He's such a sweet soul, he clicked with me and my family straight away."

Ewan, 37, admits he was delighted when he discovered he would be working with Colin, and wasn't worried about his wild reputation.

He added to Total Film magazine: "After I signed up, I heard Colin would be appearing opposite me and I was really thrilled.

"I'd read about him and recognised some of the things he did from early in my own career.

"I don't believe you need chemistry to work with someone - we're actors after all. But it's nice when it's there."

'Cassandra's Dream' is released worldwide in June.

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