Preview: Yohanne Lamoulere & Franck Pourcel

Preview: Yohanne Lamoulere & Franck Pourcel

Courtesy Street Level Photoworks

Photographic projects exploring the relationship between Glasgow and Marseille

When Street Level director Malcolm Dickson realised that Marseille and Glasgow had been twin cities for a decade, he decreed to do something to commemorate the relationship between these two urban landscapes which have changed dramatically, but which have left areas untouched and largely out of view.

The result of this is two off-site shows by Yohanne Lamoulere and Franck Pourcel, two photographers who look at the underbelly of Marseilles in very different ways. In False Towns, Lamoulere looks at reshaping the northern-most area of Marseille, while Roma: Marseille ajar city focuses on a make-shift Roma community built in the area.

Twinned with False Towns, Pourcel's At Twilight captures a city caught between demolition and renewal, while Noailles at the time of rehabilitation, which is paired with Roma: Marseille ajar city, looks at an area in the throes of redevelopment even as it houses migrants and temporary workers.

'Both Lamoulere and Pourcel really stood out in terms of singular image-making and a socially concerned approach that lifted the work from purely straight or traditional documentary,' says Dickson, who cites 'the upheavals caused by urban planning, the displacement of peoples, the social geography of Marseille, or in other words, something of the hidden Marseille, albeit in all its Meditteranean vibrancy' as the core of the work.

In an ongoing exchange, work by Glasgow-based artists Frank McElhinney and Kotryna Ula Kiliulyte are set to be seen in Marseille, with further projects pending.

'There are a lot of synergies between Marseille and Glasgow,' Dickson points out, 'both in terms of their historical relationship to photography, energy of the city space, diversity of inhabitants, and an individual identity. Both of course have strong industrial traditions, and both to some extent are built historically around their waters, with the sea on Marseille's case, and the river in Glasgow, both allowing for trade and cultural exchange between emergent peoples in the two cities.'

Yohanne Lamoulere - False Towns / Franck Pourcel - At Twilight
Trongate 103, Glasgow, until Sun 25 Sep, Institut Français, Edinburgh, Fri 7 Oct – Sat 26 Nov.
Yohanne Lamoulere - Roma: Marseille ajar city / Franck Pourcel - Noailles at the time of rehabilitation
Alliance Française de Glasgow, until Sat 29 Oct.

Yohanne Lamoulere: False Towns

Documentary photography of the 15th and 16th districts of Marseille, the most northern parts of the city.

Franck Pourcel: At Twilight

Images of cities at twilight.

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