Activities for Outlander fans at Scotcon

Activities for Outlander fans at Scotcon

Edinburgh Corn Exchange hosts event honouring Diana Gabaldon's much-loved series

Outlander. It's got men in kilts, women in bonnets and historical / social context up the wazoo. On the off chance you've somehow missed the Outlander craze and don't know what it's about, it follows nurse Claire Randall, who we meet in post-WWII Inverness along with her husband Frank. Claire goes wandering one day, comes across some kind of magic witch dance and ends up falling through the stones, and indeed, through time, back to the 1700s. We've all been there. She ends up meeting a load of Jacobites, and falls in love with one of them: a big, hunking red-haired fellow named Jamie.

It's an unlikely story, but an addictive one, originally released as a series of books by author Diana Gabaldon. It had quite a fanbase from the books alone, but since Starz went and made the story into a TV show (which UK viewers can watch on Amazon Prime), it's exploded. Fans all over the world attend conventions, readings and other such events in order to honour Outlander's greatness, and one such event is taking place at Edinburgh's Corn Exchange on Sun 4 Sep.

Scotcon claims to 'honour Scotland, our people, our history, our heritage, our culture, our values, our diversity, our innovation and our future'. Long story short, there's a lot of honouring being done this weekend. There are also lots of events relating to Outlander, so if you're a fan of the show, here's everything you can do at the convention to stay on brand.

Clan gathering
Just like in the books, there'll be a gathering of the clans. Time to start learning your MacKenzies from your MacKays.

Highland dance competitions
Have you ever seen someone hop over a sword in perfect rhythmic time? It's impressive.

Claire MacKay
Claire (no, not that Claire), is a medical herbalist, ethnobotanical researcher, writer and columnist. She worked as a consultant on the show, since the fictional Claire is also a herbalist. She'll be appearing at Scotcon to chat about herbs and medicine and other such things.

Weaponry displays
Because if you don't know your claymores from your sgian dubhs, you are no true Outlander fan.

Scottish food and drink
Haggis, probably.

Highland Games
Making the Olympics look like child's play.


A convention celebrating Scotland. Attractions include battle re-enactments, traditional Highland games, workshops in gaelic, storytelling, spirits tasting tent, Scottish bands and a celebration of TV series Outlander.