Amy Schumer (4 stars)

Amy Schumer

A stunning and frank set from one of the world's top stand-up acts

Not many comedy acts have a jazz trio as part of their warm-up acts. And not many shows have print-outs draped across the seats politely asking you to not heckle, talk or take photos during the upcoming show. But then not every comic is like Amy Schumer. Still, she relaxes the no-cameras rule for her last five minutes and a sea of raised phones cuts through anything meaningful she might have to say for her finale: it happened to be a bit about religion, but oh well, no one probably wanted to concentrate on that anyway.

Thankfully there was more than enough to chew on over the preceding 90 minutes (no short-changing Sarah Silverman act here) in which this self-dubbed 'worst famous person' boldly claimed the role of outsider in almost every aspect of her life. Her body shape takes Schumer way out of the women's magazine mainstream (she has a fair old whack at the ironically titled Women's Health) and pats her tummy when she recalls being called 'brave' on a specific photo shoot.

She can't believe her luck at not only being invited to perform at Hillary Clinton's 68th birthday party but for actually being seated next to the Democratic presidential nominee, and recalls the evening a being painfully awkward with the comic probing the politician about her opinions on tequila. Given her status as a paid-up member of the Hillary club, Schumer can't resist having a swipe at Trump without even needing to say his name as though it would be poison in her mouth.

Elsewhere she imagines being Bradley Cooper's girlfriend, and talks at great length about her vagina, oral sex, male orgasm, her vagina, anal sex, her thigh gap, male birth control, her vagina and her vagina. A frank and filthy show, to be sure, but one that shows off her prowess as a top-notch stand-up. Schumer may be a burgeoning name in the film world, but she's no movie star giving live comedy a go. The years of moulding her act have finally reaped stunning awards.

Seen at Edinburgh Playhouse, Tue 30 Aug; O2 Apollo, Manchester, Sat 3 Sep; O2 Arena, London, Sun 4 Sep.

Amy Schumer

Stand-up comedy from the acerbic US comedian who has enjoyed a meteoric rise.