Stephen Bear is writing own film

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  • 30 August 2016
Stephen Bear

Stephen Bear

'Celebrity Big Brother' winner Stephen Bear is writing and producing his own film

Stephen Bear is writing and producing his own movie.

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' winner - who was paid £12,000 to take part in the recently completed series of the show - has started penning his film and is adamant the project will turn out to be the "best" production anyone has ever seen.

Speaking on 'Loose Women' on Tuesday (30.08.16), he said: "At the minute, I've come out the show and I've said, 'Right how much money have I got? Right, lovely! That's going into property.' I'm writing a film at the minute, I'm the writer and the producer of this film. Watch it come out, it'll be the best film you've ever seen in your life."

And, although he understands the demand for him will likely fizzle out over the next coming months, he's determined to cash in as much money as he can in the meantime with the help of his multi-millionaire brother Danny Bear.

He explained: "The thing is, you take those 15 minutes, you make as much money as possible and sink it into property.

"I've got the best business plan in the world. I've got a brother who looks after me and I'm going to buy a lot of properties with my money ... My brother, I left the house, he flew over from Italy to see me. He picked me up in his car. He said: 'Get in the car now, you've got one chance at this, do not mess this up because you are going places.' "

Meanwhile, despite his brother's experience, the 26-year-old hunk - who is known by his nickname Bear - believes he could make it on his own if necessary because he's grown up listening to motivational speeches.

He said: "I listened to a lot of motivational speeches growing up and wow they work ...

"I used to walk around the park and listen to all these speeches and it worked. You're drummed into it."

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