Jenna Coleman loved wearing baby bump in Victoria

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  • 30 August 2016
Jenna Coleman

Jenna Coleman

Jenna Coleman enjoyed wearing a fake baby bump in 'Victoria'

Jenna Coleman loved pretending to be pregnant in 'Victoria'.

The 30-year-old actress portrays the former monarch - who reigned for 39 years - in the ITV period drama and enjoyed wearing a fake baby bump on set because it meant she got to wear a "less tight" corset.

Asked what it was like wearing the bump, she said: "I love it actually, I love it because I get to play (Victoria) a little grouchier. She kind of doesn't enjoy pregnancy and I have a less tight corset, which is always nice."

The former 'Doctor Who' star had to try on 70 different contact lenses for the role, but has now admitted she couldn't stand not wearing them as she ended up hating "being on set without them because it changes your face so much".

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty's mother and friends were "weirded out" by her eyewear and kept questioning, "I know something is different but I don't quite know what."

However, Jenna always knew how important it was to have the right eye colour for the late royal because it was Victoria's most prominent feature.

She previously said: "I think we were in the zone of about 70 pairs of contact lenses. We did different camera tests and again it was Nic Collins - head of make-up - it was her idea, which was great because any of the portraits that we look at, the first thing we see are her eyes. Her eyes just pop out to you so I think it's great to look so different."

However, she admitted it was an "unpleasant" experience wearing them while shooting scenes in candlelight.

She told BANG Showbiz: "In terms of comfort, they were fine, other than when we shot by candlelight. I was living in a rose-tinted world because everything was a haze, which wasn't unpleasant."

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