Georgia Kousoulou can't keep up with Tommy Mallet's work schedule

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 29 August 2016
Georgia Kousoulou and Tommy Mallet

Georgia Kousoulou and Tommy Mallet

Georgia Kousoulou has admitted her boyfriend Tommy Mallet is so focused on his shoe line that she rarely knows what he's up to or working on

Georgia Kousoulou can't keep up with her boyfriend Tommy Mallet's busy work schedule.

The 'Only Way is Essex' hunk is determined to make a name for himself as a fashion designer around the globe but his girlfriend has admitted his strong work ethic means she rarely knows what he's getting up to or what he's working on.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, she said: "He's so busy on his shoe line. He's always working. I never know what he's working on but, to be honest, I don't ask because it confuses him. His Mrs Mallet [his collection for women] shoe line is doing really well. He's trying to push that. He's got some big stars wearing them. I'm so proud of him."

Asked whether he's aiming to have his designs at London Fashion Week in the future, she said: "Oh I don't know but that would be so amazing. He's so focused on the shoe line."

And, although the focus is on her beau's business at the moment, Georgia has admitted she's planning to team up with Mallet - the name of Tommy's company - this year.

Asked what she's up to, she said: "I'm working on new designs for my swimwear range ready for next year and I'm going to be working with Mallet as well. And I also have something else up coming, which I can't tell you yet, but I will be revealing the details in the next four weeks."

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