Grace wants to work with Nicki Minaj

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 28 August 2016


Australian pop beauty Grace would love to get in the studio with her friend Nicki Minaj

Grace wants to work with Nicki Minaj.

The 'You Don't Own Me' singer has spent a lot of time with the 33-year-old 'Anaconda' rapper and would love the chance to get into the studio with her.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, the 19-year-old Australian singer said: "I've hung out with Nicki. I would love to work with Nicki she is one of my favourites."

The pop beauty worked with Quincy Jones on her first single 'You Don't Own Me' and the best advice he gave her was not to "get caught in the hype" of the music industry.

She said: "The best advice he has given me is to be about the music and don't get caught up in the hype of everything. Stay focused and true to the craft and the art you want to make. It all comes down to the music at the end of the day."

Grace - who performed at Nile Rodger's FOLD Festival earlier this year - said it was a "surreal moment" getting to work on the 1963 track originally by Lesley Gore with the legendary producer.

She said: "It was the most surreal moment in my career so far getting to work with someone so legendary.

"I was very lucky to have met him and soak up some of his wisdom."

Grace released her debut LP 'FMA' last month and she said it was important for her to be "different" and "authentic" on the songs.

She said: "I've always been a bit different.

"I never really fit in. As a young girl, I was super into music and very eccentric. I always thought it was important to have an opinion and to be authentic - which doesn't always fit in with society's expectations of women. The title is a sarcastic apology for being true to who I am."

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