Lady Colin Campbell: I'm not a snob

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  • 25 August 2016
Lady Colin Campbell

Lady Colin Campbell

Lady Colin Campbell denies being a snob and says her rudeness comes from her not having time for "stupid people"

Lady Colin Campbell insists she is "not a snob" and her abrasive personality comes from her lack of patience with "stupid people".

The former 'I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!' star is adamant that despite living in a castle and hanging out with titled aristocrats she doesn't care about class but does take intelligence seriously.

Speaking to The Times newspaper, the Jamaican-born British socialite said: "I am not a snob. I don't give two hoots about class.

"I just don't like ill-informed stupid people who think they are clever."

Lady C insists she has a massive dislike of the British class system and she credits her disdain for it to her Jamaican roots.

She explained: "I am from Jamaica, I'm not interested in any of it."

The 67-year-old TV personality is interested in her new project Castle Goring, a Grade I listed building located in Worthing, Sussex, England, which she is partly living in and also rents out for weddings and functions.

Her business and the property will feature in upcoming ITV show 'Lady C and the Castle', but she admits the business side of things coupled with the restoration have been a drain.

She said: "Whoring for Goring. It's non-stop. In a way being in the jungle was so relaxing. I just did nothing. I don't know why people complain. I loved not being in demand and having to travel all the time and make endless decisions about everything. It was a wonderful month off."

The jungle has, it seems, inspired her to do more as she was really "touched" by the British public's reaction to her on the Ant & Dec fronted programme.

She teased: "There's more to come you know. I was so touched by people's reaction to me when I came out of the jungle.

"One 15 year old tweeted she wanted to be like me when she grows up. 'Sassy', she said, and, you know what, I am sassy and I like it that way."

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