Madonna's permanent adoption

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  • 14 May 2008

Madonna's permanent adoption

Madonna is set to adopt David Banda this week.

Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie were previously granted a temporary 18-month custody order for the Malawian boy, but this is expected to be turned into a permanent custody order on Thursday (15.05.08).

The couple's adoption has been held up due to a lack of international adoption laws in Malawi - one of Africa's poorest countries.

A leaked report ahead of the hearing at the high court in Lilongwe reads: "Mr. and Mrs. Ritchie have shown a strong commitment in providing the infant with all essential needs like love, safe home environment, care, protection, material as well as emotional support."

David Banda was placed in an orphanage by his father Yohane Banda after his mother died during childbirth.

Madonna's adoption bid has been contested by 67 local rights groups, who fear foreigners take advantage of current adoption laws to smuggle children into abuse or forced labour.

The 49-year-old singer's decision to adopt David was supported by his father Yohane, who said at the time: "Madonna is helping to take David out of poverty and possible death from diseases, and yet these people want to spoil everything."

Madonna has made a film 'I Am Because We Are' about Malawi and her work to help it develop.

She has also revealed she would like to adopt another child, telling CNN: "They are still trying to finesse the laws and make it so it is not such a long waiting period [to adopt], which would be good. I am building a girls school, and orphan care centre. I am refurbishing an orphanage. I have lots of kids to look after on scholarship funds, so I have relationships with people and I want to go back and check in on everybody."

Madonna already has two other children, 11-year-old Lourdes - whose father is fitness trainer Carlos Leon and her son with Guy, Rocco, seven.

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