Ola Jordan likes James Jordan to shop for lingerie

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  • 24 August 2016
Ola and James Jordan

Ola and James Jordan

Ola Jordan has admitted she likes her husband James Jordan to join her on shopping trips for lingerie as he has a "great eye."

Ola Jordan lets her husband to choose her underwear.

The former 'Strictly Come Dancing' beauty has admitted she likes James Jordan - whom she married in 2003 - to accompany her on her lingerie shopping trips because he has a "good eye" for sexy suits.

She said of her husband: "he has a great eye and knows all my sizes."

James added: "I like it when we go shopping for underwear together. I know some people think it's a bit embarrassing but it can be fun. We've been together for 17 years so we like to do things to spice up our sex life."

But not only do the couple shop together, sleep together and live together, they also spend a large proportion of their time working together but it hasn't affected their relationship so far.

Ola, 33, said: "I know a lot of couples would find it hard to spend the whole day with their partner, but it has always worked for us. When we're not together I find it strange."

James, 38, added: "When we started dating we made a role that we'd never bring our home life into work - we've always been good at keeping those aspects separate."

However, despite their tight bond, the couple still lock horns from time-to-time.

Asked what they argue about, James told OK! magazine: "It's usually over something stupid, like why I haven't loaded the dishwasher or why I've left my stuff on the floor."

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