Nadiya Hussain was banned from university

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  • 23 August 2016
Nadiya Hussain

Nadiya Hussain

Nadiya Hussain wasn't allowed to attend university to study psychology because her parents didn't want her to leave home

Nadiya Hussain's parents banned her from attending university.

The 'Great British Bake Off' winner - who wed husband Abdal in an arranged marriage 11 years ago - won a place to study psychology but her mother and father were "frightened" of her leaving home so she was unable to attend, and she still regrets not defying them.

She said: "I was the first in our family to get into university and was going to study psychology, but my parents didn't allow it. The thought of me going away frightened them.

"My biggest regret is that I didn't just go anyway."

Nadiya - who has three children with her spouse - admits she often rows with her family but they never expect apologies from one another.

She said: "I quarrel with my family more than anybody but we never expect apologies. That's what families are about.

"You say something, regret it, then hug it out."

While she shot to fame after winning a baking show, Nadiya admits she doesn't love eating cake as much as people expect her to.

She said: "The biggest misconception about me is that I love cake. I do like cake but I don't love eating it as much as I enjoy baking it and feeding people. It's been a long time since I ate a whole slice."

And the 'Chronicles of Nadiya' star also revealed she has a surprising talent.

She told Grazia magazine: "I can rollerblade down stairs... Well, I used to be able to. I don't know if I could now considering I can't walk down a slope at an awards show without falling over.

"I had very high heels and, because they held it in this dark cellar, I didn't see the floor slope. Abdal still laughs that it was hilarious."

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