Review of the year

Comedy editor Brian Donaldson digests the best comedic offerings of 2006

Reginald D Hunter Breezing into Glasgow in March with his warm-up show for August, Reg D positively stormed through the Edinburgh Fringe with Pride and Prejudice and Niggas, which helped him lift this magazine’s comedy writing award. On the downside, he was attacked by one broadsheet attention-seeker as being the ‘black Bernard Manning’ and had his posters taken down from the London Underground on account of the ever contentious ‘N’ word.

The Mighty Boosh A first national tour bore down on Edinburgh and Glasgow as messrs Barratt and Fielding played in front of their adoring masses. The natural chemistry flowed from every pore in their opening ‘ad-lib’ section while the daftness rose to the rafters as they went on a spiritual and all-too physical journey for the Ruby of Kukundu.

Russell Brand Barely a week went by during the summer without a screaming headline about the mad-haired one. You may well have read of the amusing late-night shenanigans involving Kate Moss and then Kimberly Stewart and some less savoury ones over alleged acts in his Edinburgh flat at the end of August. On stage, he proved that all the hype was justified with a blisteringly confessional set, rather unsurprisingly called Shame.

Phil Kay Quite possibly the scruffy grandfather of Scottish comedy, the special Kay entertained us throughout the year with his adult show (more improvised madness revolving around his new rural existence) and a children’s hour which involved all the nippers giving up their left shoes at the door and performing an amusing task to have them returned. Inspired.

Mark Watson A worthy winner of a special award from the inaugural if.comeddies panel, the Bristol-born comic with the Welsh persona gave us just the three shows during August. He did his usual marathon performance with the Seemingly Impossible 36-Hour Circuit of the World, wrote a novel with his audience and dabbled around the seven sins in I’m Worried that I’m Starting to Hate Almost Everyone in the World. All the while apparently wearing the same yellow top with football legend Socrates on it.

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