Danny Dyer hit in front of his daughter

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  • 22 August 2016
Danny Dyer

Danny Dyer

Danny Dyer was beaten up by Mark Wright's pals in front of his daughter at V Festival, according to the 'EastEnders' star's fiancé Joanne Mas

Danny Dyer was beaten up by Mark Wright's friends in front of his daughter.

The 'EastEnders' star was reportedly just enjoying a quiet weekend at V Festival with his family when the former 'The Only Way Is Essex' star's pals allegedly jumped him.

Danny's fiancée Joanne Mas said: "Mark called him a **** and was egging on his bunch of idiot friends all day.

"There were five guys against one and Danny still went for them, but the most f***ing disgusting thing is it was all in front of my 20-year-old daughter. They're a bunch of talentless Essex t***s."

Whilst a source added to The Sun newspaper: "It was complete carnage - Mark's gang of friends just went for Danny who was fighting back. His daughter watched the whole thing which turned backstage at V into some sort of war zone."

Meanwhile, it was previously claimed that the pair allegedly came to blows soon after Justin Bieber headlined the main stage on Saturday night (20.08.16).

A source said at the time: "Danny saw Mark and started shouting, 'Mark Wright you ****! Mark Wright you t**t'. It was all kicking off. Mark was pushed against a wall and was shouting back at him - shouting 'shut your f***ing face'. One of Mark's friends managed to break them apart after punches were thrown and they took Mark away into the Mahiki VIP area.

"Mark was saying he was fine and they were joking that Danny couldn't hit someone if he tried. Mark did seem put out though and spent a lot of time on the phone. In his first conversation he was angry and shouting a lot but when he was on the phone for the third time he had calmed down."

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