'Made in Chelsea's' Alik Alfus blasts Louise Thompson

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  • 19 August 2016
Alik Alfus and Louise Thompson

Alik Alfus and Louise Thompson

'Made in Chelsea's' Alik Alfus has blasted Louise Thompson for being in a new relationship shortly after their split and for not telling him she had moved on when he was trying to woo her

'Made in Chelsea's' Alik Alfus has blasted Louise Thompson for being in a new relationship shortly after their split.

The American television personality - who dated the brunette beauty for two years before the pair split in May this year - has slammed his ex-girlfriend for "never" informing him she had a "f***ing boyfriend" when he was trying to woo her back, and was surprised to see her pictured cosying up with her new personal trainer beau Ryan William Libbery one month after their break-up.

Speaking to The Sun about the shock discovery, which he found out on 'Made In Chelsea: South of France' series, he said: "Louise never told me she had a f***ing boyfriend. It was a big shock.

"She was quite possibly with the new guy while she was with me. I was thousands of miles away."

And the New York-born star has revealed the 26 year old had promised she would quit the E4 programme to give her relationship with Alik another go, although one week after the former couple's vacation Louise officially called it a day on their romance.

Alik said: "It was very shocking and scary that someone I was prepared to spend the rest of my life with was capable of leaving me so quickly."

Alik is set to make a dramatic entrance on the spin-off show on Monday (22.08.16), after Louise invited him out, only for him to be disappointed when she meets her new lover.

He explained: "She invited me out to France and then I found out she was f***ing this new guy."

Despite the complicated romance Alik believes he is "stronger" than his former partner, and believes Louise is "not real" and not the woman he wants in his life.

He said: "She had broken up with me; I had lost a load of weight. But I've grown from that experience and unfortunately I am stronger than Louise - she didn't allow herself to have any alone time at all.

"A lot of her true colours have revealed themselves in the last few months. She was not real enough, she has a lot of issues and that was too much for what I needed in my life."


1. LRB23 Aug 2016, 8:17am Report

I just feel Louise T gives women a bad name and she is the type of person that causes men to become evil like Spencer - its the chicken & egg scenario, what came first was she always like this or did she become like this after her relationship with Mr Matthews. Ryan watch your heart and use protection.

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