Lillie Lexie Gregg: Gaz Beadle was told to dump me or quit Geordie Shore

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  • 18 August 2016
Lillie Lexie Gregg

Lillie Lexie Gregg

Lillie Lexie Gregg has revealed Gaz Beadle was faced with an ultimatum - her or 'Geordie Shore'

Gary 'Gaz' Beadle was forced to dump Lillie Lexie Gregg last year or risk getting the boot from 'Geordie Shore'.

The 25-year-old blonde model has claimed the womaniser was given an ultimatum in November last year by producers of the MTV boozy show and felt he had no choice but to call time on their year-long relationship.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, Lillie said: "Basically, he was put in a situation where he was given the option to choose between me and 'Geordie Shore'. He was told he would have to leave the show that day if he picked me. It was a daunting decision for him because that's his bread and butter. The show is all he's ever known. It was the hardest decision of his life but ultimately he picked 'Geordie Shore'."

After the pair split, Lillie cut all ties with Gaz - who has appeared on the programme for six years - but had to face him six months later during filming for 'Ex on the Beach'.

She explained: "I don't think either of us ever really dealt with our break-up. That's why I want to do the show, so we could iron everything out. After we broke up, there were so many rumours flying around. He saw certain people follow me on Twitter, then he said some things to the press which he shouldn't have. Then other people in the public eye got involved and said some nasty things. If we had just spoken to each other, then I don't think it would have been so bad. The show gave us an amazing opportunity to have a conversation which we should have had a long time ago."

Despite their messy split, the pretty babe has admitted she and the 28-year-old hunk will always love each other and are now actually back in contact again.

She added: "We have been speaking as friends."

However, Lillie has her own set of problems to deal with at the moment as she's just found out her boyfriend Stephen Bear has cheated on her in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house.

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