Chloe Ferry would rather 's**g' a chicken' than sleep with Gaz Beadle

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  • 18 August 2016
Chloe Ferry

Chloe Ferry

Chloe Ferry has joked that she would much rather have sex with a chicken than bed her 'Geordie Shore' co-star Gaz Beadle

Chloe Ferry would rather "s**g a chicken" than sleep with Gaz Beadle.

The 20-year-old reality star insists rumours she has bedded her 'Geordie Shore' co-star are untrue and she isn't interested in him because, at 28, he is "too old" for her.

She said: "I don't know who he thinks he is I'd rather s**g a chicken than go anywhere near him.

"We didn't have sex - we haven't even kissed. I wouldn't go near him, he's too old for us."

Chloe has undergone a number of cosmetic surgery procedures, but is finally happy with her appearance, especially after shedding two stone in just eight weeks.

She told Star magazine: "I'm really happy, there's nothing I regret getting done. And I have no plans for anything else right now. Maybe in the future, but not now.

"Even though my boobs have shrunk after the diet, I'm just wearing push-up bras from Primark."

The brunette beauty initially found dieting hard as she is "greedy" but once she began seeing results, she quickly got "a bit addicted".

She said: "I love food. I'm greedy. I eat so much I'm like a man. I could eat an entire carvery right now.

"I used to be skinny because I used to ice skate, so I was always athletic and sporty but then I started piling on the pounds...

"At first it was difficult [on the diet] but I really enjoyed it by the end.

"When you start to see the difference, you get a bit addicted."

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