Stephanie Davis gives baby 'movie star name'

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  • 17 August 2016
Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis has decided to give her unborn son a "different" name

Stephanie Davis has chosen a "movie star name" for her baby.

The 23-year-old actress had her heart set on naming her unborn son Albi - a tribute to her late grandfather Albert - but has now decided to change the moniker to something a bit "different."

Writing in her blog for OK! magazine, she said: "I've picked my boy's name! It's not Albi but that will definitely be a middle name.

I'm going to keep it a secret for now but I will say it's something different - I've not heard it before! It's like a movie star name.

"We got it when I was getting chatted up with my friends recently and he said his name when he left - we just all looked at each other and knew, so thanks to him!

"My mum loves it but my brother weren't so sure to start with - but I think they want a proper lad's name."

However, Stephanie believes that moniker is the perfect choice and is thrilled things are starting to come together for her.

The former 'Hollyoaks' star is set to pick up the keys to her new home in Liverpool later this week and is looking forward to decorating the nursery ready for her baby's birth early next year.

She explained: "So I get the keys to my home this week! It will be time to get my overalls on and start officially nesting!"

Meanwhile, Stephanie hasn't had the easiest pregnancy so far as she's been battling with acute morning sickness but her queasy stomach - a symptom of pregnancy - is starting to subside, although she's now dealing with extreme anxiety.

The actress - who has attempted suicide in the past - explained: "When I went to get my blood test, I had people shouting at me in street about how I'm going to be a boss mum and all the single mums have been a real support.

"I know I come across as a confident person but I don't feel it in myself. I suffered with anxiety a lot before and have been having panic attacks every now and then but I'm definitely making progress. Being pregnant has also helped because I feel like I have someone else to protect now too."

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