Chloe Khan thinks Lillie Lexie Gregg's CBB enter is 'strange'

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  • 17 August 2016
Chloe Khan

Chloe Khan

Chloe Khan thinks it's embarrassing that Lillie Lexie Gregg is entering the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house to confront her cheating ex-boyfriend Stephen Bear

Chloe Khan thinks it's "a bit strange" Lillie Lexie Gregg has agreed to enter the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house.

The 25-year-old busty beauty thinks it's embarrassing the 'Ex on the Beach' star is so keen to go into the famous abode to confront her cheating ex-boyfriend Stephen Bear after he dumped her on national television to be with Chloe.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Chloe's not at all worried about Lillie entering the house though - but she does think it's a bit strange that Lille's chosen to go in the house, considering she allegedly said she would never speak to Bear again and he publicly declared he doesn't want to be with her. Chloe doesn't want to get involved though because it's not her business, it's between Lillie and Bear."

Lillie was left heartbroken last week after she watched her beau get down and dirty with Chloe, who has since been evicted, in the hot tub, bath and then the shower.

And, despite her broken heart, the blonde beauty certainly won't hold back when she comes face-to-face with Bear in Thursday (18.08.16) night's show as part of a challenge.

She said recently: "I'm in shock. I'm gutted, embarrassed humiliated, but the Bear I'm watching on the television is unrecognisable as my boyfriend. It never even entered my head that I couldn't trust him.

"When he first kissed Chloe, even though it was a dare, from that moment it was completely finished. That was disrespectful and hurtful and horrible to watch."

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