Chloe Khan to move to US

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  • 17 August 2016
Chloe Khan

Chloe Khan

Chloe Khan is planning to move back to the US following her departure from the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house last week

Chloe Khan is planning to move back to the US.

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' evictee - who was axed from the house last week - headed across the pond six years ago in order to carve out a career as a star and is now desperate to go back to America but recently ran into visa problems.

A spokesperson for the busty babe told The Sun Online: "[The problem] was something to do with the type of visa she applied for, she needed to apply for a different type of visa and was told she had to start the process all over again, which takes quite some time!

"However because she had 'CBB' coming up and other work in the UK, she chose to put it all on hold for the time-being.

"Chloe had to undergo a criminal check as part of her 'CBB' contract and it showed she has zero criminal convictions as an adult.

"Chloe got in trouble with police a small handful of times, as a minor aged 12-14, but those incidents are no longer on her record. This did not affect her application."

The 25-year-old model's push to go back to the US comes just days after she was slammed with criticism for locking lips with Stephen Bear in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house while he was still in a relationship with Lillie Lexie Gregg.

The pair were caught getting hot and heavy on numerous occasions on camera and Bear even dumped the 'Ex on the Beach' beauty on national television to pursue Chloe.

However, Chloe isn't prepared to let Bear go just yet and has admitted they're planning to go on holiday together once he leaves the famous abode in the coming weeks.

The brunette star has even tried to win over Bear's parents by taking his father out for a drink earlier this week.

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