Kelvin Fletcher wants to crack US

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  • 17 August 2016
Kelvin Fletcher as Andy Sugden

Kelvin Fletcher as Andy Sugden

Kelvin Fletcher is desperate to crack the US following his exit from 'Emmerdale'

Kelvin Fletcher thinks he has a strong chance at cracking the US because he can do a "good" American accent.

The 32-year-old actor has just turned his back on 'Emmerdale' after 20 years portraying loveable farm boy Andy Sugden but is convinced he won't be stuck for work over the next coming years and wants to have a go at films.

Speaking on 'This Morning' on Wednesday (17.08.16), the handsome star said: "Certainly, yeah [he'd have a ago at films]. My American accent is alright and my Belfast accent is pretty good as well. My dad works up there quite a bit."

And Kelvin is desperate to shed his link to the long-running soap as quickly as possible and wants to get to the point in his career when no one mentions 'Emmerdale' any more.

He explained: "I'm confident in that. I'm grateful for all the opportunities they've given me over the years but it's time for me now to go off and explore other things ... I think the major thing with a soap opera is that everyday you're challenged. You might only play one character for 20 years but the amount of stuff you go through - the emotions you get to play - it's a really challenging place to work.

"I've always had aspirations but my time has come now. This is a decision I've pondered on for the last 18 months but the decision sort of came about 12 weeks ago ..."

Meanwhile, although he's keen to explore other ventures, Kelvin hasn't ruled out a return to 'Emmerdale' in the future.

He said: "You never know with a long running show but that's for them [the producers] to kind of decide. I made that decision purely to go and explore other opportunities. At this moment in time, there's so much drama and good TV being produced, I'm really confident."

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