INXS plot comeback

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  • 17 August 2016


INXS guitarist Tim Farriss has hinted that the band want to get back into the studio to make new music

INXS are keen to record new music and play live again.

The 'Need You Tonight hitmakers have expressed their desire to get into the studio after the success of their TV series 'Never Tear Us Apart'.

When asked if they want to work on new music, guitarist Tim Farriss told News Corp Australia: "Yes please.

"I still think 'Switch' was an excellent record. That record showed that the songwriting abilities of Andrew and the band are still great, not the same, sure, but no less potent, poignant and catchy.

"The song 'Afterglow' for example, is still a major hit that hasn't happened yet."

Meanwhile, there are talks of a live concert event for fans, which could take place at the Sydney Opera House festival.

The band's manager, Chris Murphy teased: "There is one potential event that I would die to see INXS play at but there is still more work to do on that project before the boys are asked."

And there will also be a documentary about late frontman Michael Hutchence and a Broadway musical is also in the pipeline.

Chris added: "We've got the greatest shows on earth coming from movies to musicals.

"The 'Michael' documentary, with its star studded creative team, will be sensational.

"For the New York musical, I'm just passionately holding my breath for the opening night although I can no longer ignore the international cry to take the INXS archives exhibition on the road.

"Ever since the international INXS fans and the media got glimpse of the archives that I've stored for the past 30 plus years, everyone has been driving me bloody crazy to take it on the road."

Tim, 59, has defended his decision to carry on INXS, without original singer Michael Hutchence, who tragically died of suicide in 1997.

Talking about the popularity of their TV series, he told The Daily Telegraph newspaper: "I think it's because we didn't just lie down and disappear like wounded ducks just lie down after the loss of our brother Michael.

"We kept our music alive, in the face of so much criticism and adversity.

"We contiuned to forge ahead and kept finding ways to continue, as our music never stopped feeling relevant to us, or the audiences."

The rock group - which has had several lead singer's following Michael's death - announced they would no longer tour in 2012.

Aside from their mini series for Australia's Seven Network the rock group their last album was 2005's 'Switch' and in 2014 they put out live LP 'Live at Wembley Stadium 1991'.

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