Heavy D: Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor's romance is fake

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  • 17 August 2016
Marnie Simpson

Marnie Simpson

Heavy D believes Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor's romance on 'Celebrity Big Brother' is fake and insists they are only together for the cameras

'Celebrity Big Brother's Heavy D claims Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor's romance is fake.

The 'Storage Hunters' star - who was booted from the famous abode on Tuesday night's (16.08.16) show - believes the 'Geordie Shore' beauty and 'The Only Way is Essex' star are only together for the cameras.

He said: "That's fake! It's a showmance. They're not stupid, they've got the same agent, I know a showmance when I see one. They knew each other before they got on the show. Showmance.

"Lewis saying he doesn't want to be on TV is bull***t. There's a lot of liars in that house, you've got to be able to sift through the bull***t and I did it, I've sussed everyone out."

However, Heavy D went on to insist his feelings for Chloe Khan were genuine but he had to be a "gentleman" about it after Chloe picked Stephen Bear.

He added to The Sun Online: "I did [like her] but the lesson I learnt was, if she chose him, you have to be a gentleman and put your hands up. You shake hands and you get on with it, you don't hold a grudge, we're both adults. I have got no regrets, bitterness or resentment towards anyone in that house, I had such a good time and I'd love to meet them all at the wrap party and talk about it.

"She came across as a really sweet-natured person and was just a good laugh. But you know, it's something you can't explain, it's just an attraction isn't it, it's just in the air."

Meanwhile, others have expressed concern over the Lewis and Marnie's romance with Sophie Kasaei worried Lewis will break her cousin's heart.

She said previously: "I thought it was a bit friend zoning, if you like someone the first rule is never talk about an ex, so Lewis talking about his ex-girlfriend already I think that is mean.

"If you like someone you wouldn't want to hurt them, Marnie was never sitting there talking about ex boyfriends or people she is getting with on the outside, she would never do that, she's respectful, I didn't think that was nice at all."

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