Laurie Vincent: Disillusioned (3 stars)

Pop art inspired exhibition by punk band Slaves' guitarist

Laurie Vincent: Disillusioned

Its preview coinciding almost to the hour with the announcement of the 2016 Mercury Prize shortlist, this commercial gallery show in a bright and airy new space on Stockbridge's St Stephen Street should gather plenty of attention, despite not being a part of the official Edinburgh Art Festival itinerary. Its creator (sometimes in collaboration with gallery partner Daisy Paris) is Laurie Vincent, guitaris with emotive Brit-rockers and 2015 Mercury nominees Slaves; its style bold and eye-catching pop art which uses vivid colours, a uniform unschooled aesthetic and impudent contemporary references to grab attention. That this is his first full gallery show is a strong selling point

Inspired, we are told, by Warhol and Basquiat, Vincent's pieces possess a child-like quality, married with a downbeat, sloganeering commentary on contemporary life. The title piece bears the word 'Disillusioned' alongside a textually identified gun and a toilet, a ghost and a spaceman, and a hangman drawing. 'Injustice' includes the motto 'It's okay when it's not happening to you' next to a tank, some ghosts, a skull and what looks like a suicide bomber. Branded shopping bags are another motif; there's no question it's all a bit Nathan Barley, but with a knowing sense of humour and a vivid aesthetic sensibility both apparent.

Flaubert Gallery, until 17 Aug, Wed-Fri 10am–6pm, Sat/Sun 11am–5pm free.

Laurie Vincent

Debut official solo show of work by Slaves guitarist.


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