Love addict George Clooney

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  • 9 May 2008

George Clooney

George Clooney is addicted to rock reality TV.

Clooney and his girlfriend Sarah Larson have been having marathon sessions watching VH1's 'Rock of Love'.

The hit US show sees 25 rock chicks battling it out to win the affections of 45-year-old rocker Bret Michaels - lead singer of the band Poison.

Larson said the couple began watching 'Rock of Love' while they were recovering from a motorcycle accident last September, adding: "We caught ourselves rooting for someone or getting frustrated. And we were like, 'This is sad.'"

Both Clooney, 47, and Larson, 29, got their breaks on TV shows.

Clooney played Dr. Doug Ross in 'ER' before becoming one of the most sought after leading men in Hollywood. Larson was a contestant on reality show 'Fear Factor', on which she ate a scorpion.

Watching 'Rock of Love' may help lighten Clooney's dim view of reality stars.

He recently said: "There is a strange pecking order among actors. Theatre actors look down on film actors, who look down on TV actors. Thank God for reality shows, or we wouldn't have anybody to look down on."

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